Beers at The Crown Inn Pub in Darwen

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Here you can find all the beers we have to offer...

Ensure that you visit to view the varied range of carefully selected Real Ales, The Crown were the first pub in Darwen to sell Iron  Maiden's Trooper produced by Robbinsons Brewery and are now stocking Gladness a tribute beer created by Suggs and the Growler Brewery.

Don't forget to visit us on the weekend of the 3rd, 4th and 5th of May to help us celebrate our 1st anniversary when we host our inaugural beer, cider and sausage festival.

Worthingtons Smooth Creamflow 3.6%. ABV

Worthington’s Creamflow is a more characterful ale. It pours with a luxurious creamy swirl created by the thousands of tiny bubbles that set it apart from the rest of the Worthington’s ales family. Once the bubbles clear, they reveal a bright chestnut coloured beer toned by a thick, creamy head to create a memorably smooth drinking experience.

Somersby Cider 4.7% ABV

Somersby Apple is a refreshing cider made from fermented apple juice and natural apple flavouring. No artificial sweeteners, flavours or colourings. Its uniquely juicy apple taste makes it a tasty and natural choice for the relaxed moments with your friends.

Guinness 4.2% ABV

Mahogany brown with creamy white head; coffee, toasted malt and hops aromas; medium to full body, creamy smooth flavour and nice touch of bitterness to finish

Stella Artois 4.8% ABV

Classic Belgian lager, golden in color with 

exceptional clarity and a spicy hop character




Fosters Lager 4.0% ABV

Golden amber color. Toasty, light caramel and nut aromas follow through to a slightly fruity light-to-medium pale malt palate of rye toast, honey, and mild dried peach flavors. Finishes with a sweet tangerine, wheat grass, and toast point fade. A pleasant, fruity, lighter-styled quaffing lager


Carling Lager 4.0%


Skilfully brewed using lightly kilned British malts, aromatic hops and Carling's unique yeast to create a malty, sweet flavour, balanced with a hoppy 'clean flavoured' bitterness and the aroma of freshly harvested grain



Coors Light 4.2%


Thanks to its yeast, Coors Light is always light and refreshing with subtle fruit notes of apple and banana. A pleasant bitterness works its way through the beer's sweetness, giving balance.




Trooper 4.8% ABV

TROOPER is a Premium British Beer inspired by
Iron Maiden and handcrafted at Robinsons brewery. Malt flavours and citric notes from a unique blend of Bobec, Goldings and Cascade hops dominate this deep golden ale with a subtle hint of lemon


Gladness 4.2 ABV

A light gold beer brewed with the ingredients of a lager but most deifinitely a ale. Highly refreshing with a lovely subtle hop flavour and aroma, reminiscent of a pilsner brewed by the Growler Brewery in conjunction with Suggs from Madness.


Three B's Brewery Bee Thrifty 3.4%ABV

Bee Thrifty ABV 3.4% A light and refreshing amber-coloured beer. 
Singularly hopped and eminently quaffable


Three B's Brewery Doff Cocker 4.5% ABV

Doff Cocker ABV 4.5% A straw coloured multi-layered delight of 50% bitter hop and 50% lager hops.
Offering a flowery refreshing taste, ideal for bitter or lager drinkers